So you are expecting a little family member or two or THREE??!!! Well, Congratulations! Newborns are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. I have been selected as one of the best newborn photographers in the St. Louis area. 
When you decide on booking me as your newborn photographer you can expect a contract that will ask you a few questions about any theme or color preferences you may have. In order to book I require that contract and a $50 retainer fee. This puts you on my calendar, but don't worry your session date won't be official until the baby is born. After your little one arrives earthside, we will setup a time to shoot (99% of the time this is within the 6-21 days following their birth). As you will notice in looking through my gallery I have worked with a lot of multiples and their sessions the timing is much more flexible as they tend to arrive early and sometimes need extra time before heading home. 
I usually encourage clients to book their newborn session with me during the second trimester or early in their third trimester, but if you are further along or the baby is here already please contact me asap so we can see if I can accomodate! I always do my best to fit everyone in and usually have a very quick turnaroud time of about 7 days for my newborn galleries. 
Once you have booked, feel free to message me about any special ideas you may have and let me know if you have any sentimental items you want to include in your session. I provide everything for my sessions from the adorable outfits you will see, to the tiebacks/headbands/bonnets, props, wraps, ect.... The only things you will need are your diaper bag essentials and the baby! 
Once you arrive in my beautiful studio located a half mile from the fountain in Downtown Belleville, you will be able to sit back, relax and watch as I work with the baby to capture some stunning images you will cherish for the rest of your lives. 
I look forward to working with you, and again Congratulations! 
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